13 Gallery Weekend Berlin 28.04-30.04.2017

A weekend full discoveries

Text: FINE ROOMS | 2017-05-03
"Less is more" Tagesspiegel , 1.5.2017
At the same time as the Art Cologne, the Gallery Weekend is a real highlight in the Art year 2017.
The exhibition "Behind the Screen", in Michael Fuchs Gallery, presents Isabelle Huppert in sensual photography portraits of the artist Roni Horn.
The Potsdamer Strasse, which, like a phoenix from the ashes, created a new gallery scene, also offered great exhibitions.
The photographer, born in the GDR, Sybille Bergemann, is presented with her beautiful and subtle women's portraits in several galleries.
TIPP:Tipp art: Gallery Blain Southern present "Zeitlaich" an exhibition with works by the artist Jonas Burgert, who shows larger-than-life Portraits in an apocalyptic environment
TIPP:Tipp gastro: The restaurant Kin Dee in L├╝tzowstrasse offers a fantastic Thai 3-course menu in an cool atmosphere.