Jeanne Mammen

Berlinische Galerie

Photos: Fine Rooms | Text: Fine Rooms | 2017-11-16
A late honor for a wonderful artist and illustrator in the Berlin gallery, a real discovery, because in such abundance the work has never been exhibited.

It gives us insights into the golden age of Berlin, revives real divas and disreputable nightclubs, creates bizarre personal analyzes and loving snapshots and one wishes to be transported back to this time.

As a chronicler, she is comparable to Grosz, Kirchner or Dix, and through her education in Paris, she may be a little more passionate about details in terms of interior and fashion detail, and so we get wonderful pictures of what was in vogue at the time and how it was lived.

During the Second World War and until her death, works are created that show her in a constant search; often similarities to Picasso and other greats can be identified.

In our opinion, their subtle strength of the twenties remained unsurpassed.