The Bamberger Rider

Photos: FR, Andreas Bernd Kartes | Text: FINE ROOMS | 2017-10-11
The Upper Franconian town  Bamberg on the river Regnitz is one of the most charming old cities in Europe. The Unesco World Cultural Heritage, from the Middle Ages to the splendid Baroque, is located in various urban districts such as Domberg, Gaertnerstadt, Inselstadt and Wunderburg with many architectural highlights.
And invites you to unique walks with many views.
Of course, the cathedral square with the world famous Bamberger cathedral and the equestrian statue of the same name is the most famous building, but also the residence and countless other pearls are worth to be discovered.
A gem of a special kind, this city with a tradition which also attracts other visitors, a centuries-old beer-brewing tradition.

TIPP: Join the local people after a hard day's work and taste the unique "Rauchbier" at the Wirtshaus Schlenkerla ...