Vilnius and the Curonian Spit

Text: Fine Rooms | 2017-09-19
Probably its true to the compare Vilnius as Rome of the East, there are  many churches there. Apart from that, the self-assured beauty lies between the Neris rivers and the namesake Vilnia, it is not necessary to have to compare.
With gothic, baroque and neoclassical architectural pearls, situated in a beautiful green valley, it seduces us to walks away. She once ranked one of the most tolerant cities and has one of the oldest universities in Europe. The UNESCO city is impressive with its cultural heritage. 
Anyone who does not shy away from the long journey of 3.5 hours can still walk in the footsteps of a Nobel Prize winner, Thomas Mann's holiday house on the Curonian Spit offers romantic views of the Baltic Sea. Unique nature and still visible features of the past communism make this trip into something special.

TIPP: Sweetroot:  in the hippest baroque part  of Vilnius, with cool atmosphere and seasonal fresh dishes a must.
TIPP: Siulas