A trip to Imola

finest porcelain stoneware from Italy

Photos: Fine Rooms | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2019-04-26
A Cooperative for the finest porcelain stoneware, founded in 1874 by Guiseppe Bucci, not far from the metropolis of Bologna, which stands for the most delicious pastas and foods with guaranteed culinary delights. In the spirit of the bee, beautiful surfaces for walls and floors are created here at the highest level both in technology and in design. Fine stoneware, dyed through and treated as if it were metals or real Natural stones, some in concrete look and integrated details such as a metal key, others tiled in a mosaic and in a classic style.

The production processes are of course modern, but the historical reference everywhere noticeable.We recommend the own museum and the old production facilities for household ceramics. Beautiful patterns and prototypes of all well-known Italian designers invite you to an extremely artfully curated tour through the history of the cooperative.

And by the way, we visit the world-famous mosaics in Ravenna's churches, which soon prove the tradition and craftsmanship of the region. Thanks to the wonderful travel organizer Sandro Schumann and the host in Imola Andrea and to the company Linnenbecker Berlin, Mr. Schiller and Mr. Theilig. We enjoyed it very much


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