Art Biennale

Arsenale Venice 2017

Photos: Fine Rooms, Andreas Bernd Kartes | 2017-11-02
The Viva Art distributed in Venice with the Arsenale area and the individual highlights over the entire city center, fascinates the visitor and "maniacs like crazy", after Art magazine.
It is encouraged to join in, whether at Eliasson already in the Gardino, where you could build with migrants "green lights", or in video installations could occur and is captured by
sacred songs of the composer Zad Moultaka in the Lebanese contribution. The turbine of a bomber set up in the middle of the dark room speaks with a child's voice.
The Acoustic Installation with a lament for the downfall of the city Ur.  The front wall
decorated with gold ducats impresses and takes in the mysthical space the hand of the companion, so excited and scared it may seem to us.

Finding the contribution is not easy, so you cross the water with the ferryman as you once did between Luxor and Theben.

Or the mirror labyrinth of the Polish artist Kwade, which invites you to commit with strange perspectives.
Another highlight is certainly the honorary prize, a Golden Lion for the life's work of a late recognized German artist. Franz Erhard Walther who studied with the big ones like Beuys,were honored with his works from the seventies.

There are many surprising insights into exciting artworks.
Favorites for us were the miraculous Georgen Pavilion, mystical insights into morbid habitation, and the very human dolls of Francis Upritchard.



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