Furniture assortments by Donghia, Rubelli Casa and Hermès in liaison with black-and-white photographs taken by Reiner Schlesselmann in the unique light of the Côte d'Azur create a striking atmosphere. The artist autographed the limited Fine Art Prints on barite.
Beautiful animal portraits, in oil paintings and in drawings made with red chalk and pencil, were modelled on the Art Deco era. Other works by the famous French painters Andre Margat and Pierre Dandelot are on exhibition in the Paris Louvre and were even shown in the Grand Palais.
An oversized portrait shows the delicate profile of an Italian noblewoman from the Renaissance era. An Italian artist manufactured the painting in the “old way” – painted by hand with natural pigments on canvas and refined with gold leaf.

Art Concept Morgentau

Renaissance Style, Art Déco and Modern Era

Berlin | Morgentau Interiors 2014
Image Credits: Fine Rooms
Ralf Schulze & Jens Reinhagen together with their team composed the elegant interior for Morgentau Berlin. Pieces of art curated by FINE ROOMS complete the luxurious interior decoration.
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