Art oder nicht Berlin

Photos: Fine Rooms | 2017-10-26
May not want to understand at all, but quarrels have always helped us Berliners to remain provincial.
Now we have the Art Berlin, a new mixture of abc art Berlin and the Art Cologne shows this collaboration of Maike Cruse and Daniel Hug, Berlin is certainly a good place to do business.

Only the elitist passage of creativity alone does not help to be a successful artist. And the international overview of galleries and their artists on a commercial sales exhibition can at least hope that the collectors Berlin could honor again.

Among other things, we found the works of the Düsseldorf artist Vivien Greven beautiful, subtly classic and of an endlessly haptic seduction.

TIPP: Nice bar arround the corner, Rote Beete in Gleditschstrasse 71 in Schöneberg.


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