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Architecture for the Table

By designing the dining service MEISSEN COSMOPOLITAN, FINE ROOMS created a reminiscence of the classy silver tableware of noble grand hotels.
©: Thomas Gasparini
©: Daniele Cortese
Cosmopolitan is a homage to the famous “Golden Coffee Set” Johann Melchior Dinglinger made for Elector Augustus the Strong in 1701. A marvel of gold and diamonds, now replaced with hand finished surfaces in gold and platinum.” AD 09/2012, Simone Herrmann
The COSMOPOLITAN series was created to fit any occasion. Depending on the choice of design, the porcelain can be arranged in a vintage luxurious style or with summerlike elegance; it can betoken a playful romance or have a graphic modern  appearance. It is especially the combination of the graphic patterns of Royal Palace with the polished gold and platinum decors that creates unique mirror effects enveloping each table in its own breeze of magic. The range of possible combinations is as manifold as the culinary delicacies the porcelain was made to carry and present.
©: Daniele Cortese
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