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Carpet Design

A Room’s Aesthetic Coordinate System

This carpet design by FINE ROOMS is a homage to the legendary designer Davis Hicks. The lounge of the AMERON Hotels Regent features interlaced hexagons and the complementary colours orange and ice blue. The carpet was designed as a fashion accessory of the room.
This graphic honeycomb pattern was designed to match the AMERON Hotel Regent interior. The product designers’ pattern was so well received that the hotel now uses it as a signet. The carpet is far more than a mere decorative and structuring element – it is a trademark.
©: Mirjam Fruscella
Carpets create islands and provide a room with a structure. The graphic designs made by FINE ROOMS bear the designers’ distinctive and powerful handwriting. Subtle colour accents, tuned to the interior, harmonize with manifold materials and manufacturing techniques.
The product designers created an extraordinary pattern for the lounge of Stuttgart’s Hotel am Schlossgarten. Distinctive geometrical structures and accented colours reflect the optimistic attitude to life of the sixties’.
The Axminster carpet was designed exclusively for the Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg, perfecting the room’s structure with its graphic pattern. FINE ROOMS drew inspiration from the shape of a crest and arranged the stylised silhouette into a fascinating geometrical pattern.


 “The floor is covered with a carpet, discreetly historicising, its pattern resembling tiny coats of arms. ...The ornaments quote the striking lines of baroque tiles." AD 10/2015

©: Wolfgang Stahr
FINE ROOMS created two striped designs for the carpets in the corridors and rooms of the Hamburg AMERON Hotel Speicherstadt. The colours gold and ice blue combined with tender counter shades correspond with the finely accentuated interior of the Berlin design studio.
©: Mirjam Fruscella
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