From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus

Bröhan Museum Berlin

Photos: Fine Rooms | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2019-03-15
In this anniversary year of the founding of the Bauhaus different aspects of it’s history and myths will be highlighted throughout Germany.   The small but fine Bröhan Museum in Berlin connects the movement into the wider European context.

Bauhaus has never been isolated.  The German Werkbund was a major influencer along with the "arts and crafts" movement, the "Glasgow School“, and the Dutch "De Stijl".

Of course our focus is on furniture and design so our favorites exhibited were, among others, the Elephant Table (Elefantenrüsseltisch) by Loos and Schmidt, the beautiful typography of the cigarette brand Manoli, and the Cafe Hague interior.

 TIP: Cafe and cake in Manstein on the Lietzensee lake or a Pinot Gris with Wiener Schnitzel in Engelbecken


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