Gallery Weekend 2018

Potsdamer Strasse

Photos: Markus Hilzinger | Text: Fine Rooms | 2018-05-02
The cool and at the same time excitingly changing Potsdamer Strasse is a bit off the beaten path of the city center gallery scene.
Between noble boutiques of Paul Smith and Acne, countless galleries of all colors can be found.

For us, the photo exhibition by Frank Thiel in the Blain / Southern was a highlight.
The theme of "Quinceaneras", the transition from girl to woman, is celebrated in many Latin American countries with big parties.  Poor families will save up to celebrate their daughters in bourgeois apparel and most importantly photograph everything.
Thiel dedicates his theme to his large-format, magnificently colored photos, which involve the viewer in a strange, probably Cuban, world.
 At the same time they are fashion photographs of an aesthetic genre but also a quiet moment of high grace for a society that is so different from our world which seems to always be putting optimization and development above all else.
A world that does not take time to celebrate the phases of life.

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