The luxurious interior decoration of the public spaces as well as rooms and suites emphasises the unique style of the baroque castle. The perfect composition of gorgeous colours, extravagant materials and exquisite artwork fills the new interior with manorial splendour.
The viscose silk carpet from a French furnisher leads the guest as if on a catwalk 16 meters from the main portal through the lobby to the reception desk made of black travertine.

Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

Modern Opulence Inspired by Baroque Colours and Motives

Bergisch Gladbach | ALTHOFF HOTEL COLLECTION 2013
Image Credits: Wolfgang Stahr
“Interior designer Markus Hilzinger considers the carpet to be the aesthetic coordinate system of a room: It picks up the lines of the dished coffered ceiling in the bar.”   AD 10/2015
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