Hotel Am Schlossgarten

Image Credits: Wolfgang Stahr
The newly designed rooms with original pieces of art and redrafted furniture as well as carpets and premium-quality materials were brought to perfection with much attention to detail. As a result, the luxurious interior reflects the spirit of the Sixties while radiating modern elegance.

In the special edition 2012/10 of the BEST OF GERMANY magazine, FINE ROOMS received a special award for the interior of the excellent gourmet restaurant in the Zirbelstube.

“The masterpiece is the Zirbelstube with a mix from spotted Swiss pine wood and artfully placed graphic reproductions and oil paintings that will leave no guest untouched.” AD 10/2012
The warm nuances of the original wood panelling from the Sixties and the filigree metal screens create a beautiful contrast to the colours grey-beige, ice blue and orange of the newly designed banquettes and chairs. FINE ROOMS also designed the carpet especially for the restaurant.
The five-star luxury hotel is situated in the centre of the green parkway Schlossgarten in the heart of the regional capital. The house with a rich tradition was built in the Sixties and considers itself reminiscence to the ambitious and eventful years of the German economic miracle.
The optimistic and sparkling esprit of the Fifties and Sixties gave FINE ROOMS the inspiration for the interior design and the hotel’s art concept. The art ensemble includes geometrical carpets, sculpture-like lamps, delicate screens, as well as furniture of high-class making. FINE ROOMS designed several of the pieces of art and many elements of the furniture especially for this house and had them manufactured with premium artisanship.
Colourful pieces of art and a delicate selection of fabrics, colours and accessories add a fresh look to the opulent wood panelling in the excellent gourmet restaurant Zirbelstube.
Button-tufted wing chairs, the graphical carpet design by FINE ROOMS, screens with metal framed mirrors, lamps in the style of the Sixties and colourful graphic arts create an atmospheric ambience of wellness.

“The designers Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann of FINE ROOMS Design Konzepte, Berlin translated the history of this building that was erected in 1962 into their theme of colours and shapes in a most sensitive way.” Gusto, Der kulinarische Reiseführer, 07/2012
The interior designers combined the original wall covering made of leather and brass pilaster strips with Sixties-style furniture and lamps.
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