Collector’s Items

Image Credits: Thomas Gasparini | Daniele Cortese
The HOME COLLECTION furnishings feature modern architectural forms with references to the Bauhaus style and characteristics of the Directoire.
The MEISSEN HOME COLLECTION combines elements of the elegant international interior style from the 40ies until the 70ies, skilfully and elegantly linking simplicity and glamour. FINE ROOMS created a collection that provides the basics for an individual furnishing style – basics that have to be just right, like in fashion. The collection is something like the little black dress for a sophisticated living ambience.

“Consoles with such wonderfully cloudy craquelling glaze that it resembles parchment, accentuated with embossed leather and pilaster strips made of browned brass, a tiny chair with legs made of ebony, brass feet and upholstered with two kinds of fabrics.” AD 09/2012, Simone Herrmann

The Berlin design studio uses timeless European and Asian forms. Certain stylistic elements such as the ebony-coloured double frames with porcelain cubes for divan, pouf or console creates a connection between the individual pieces. The Crossed Swords® trademark of the porcelain manufactory are also more than a mere decorative element of the collection. A mesh of massive bronze swords carries a table top supported by porcelain cubes and a sculptural sword-rack serves as the base for a festive table made of exotic wood, optionally with a hand-finished porcelain surface.
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