"Indeed, the art is centre stage here – photographs by Silke Lauffs, Wilhelm Beestermöller, Reinhardt Görner and Josef Sudek grace the walls with their generous formats. Oil and Guache paintings from Laurent, Robert Keil, and Wyatt complement and contrast through their range of technique. But one thread connects them all –the topic of portraiture, nourishing the observer’s fascination with the artist, eye to eye. The furnishing… is customized to the client, much like a tailored suit. Emphasized lighting from multiple sources creates a strong, accented atmosphere.

Posh and Proud celebrates the world of luxurious opulence – so forget about minimalism and reduction. Each page presents a balanced and harmonized cornucopia of high-quality interior design projects…. Every one of the selected contemporary interiors by designers auch as Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Sasha Bikoff and Rabih Hage indulges in an excess of forms, colors and materials, furnishings and decór, space and concepts that speak to all the senses."
Posh and Proud Interior Design Deluxe, Chris van Uffelen, Braun Verlag page 20-25


Mid-Century Residence

A journey of discovery

Berlin | private 2013
Image Credits: Wolfgang Stahr
"The owner’s passion for collecting is reflected in the singular furniture, lighting, sculpture and art pieces found throughout. Unique end tables, chairs and accessories create a museum-like setting that takes aback and draws one in at once. Silk thread carpets and rich fabrics in subtle natural tones allow ample space for the grand art pieces to unfold."
Posh and Proud Interior Design Deluxe, Chris van Uffelen, Braun Verlag page 20-25

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