No. 41 - Patterns

Opulence and Airiness

Image Credits: Tobias Ritz, MEISSEN
“The elegance of N°41 makes it the perfect stage for four new patterns that could hardly be more distinctive. Familiar classics parade in modern, contemporary designs. Hitherto concealed patterns get to make their big appearance.State Porcelain Manufactory in Meissen

The decor Stripes embellishes the elegant forms of Service No. 41 alternately in a very delicate or in a poised and colourful design. The manifold possible combinations never cease creating new moments of indulgence, radiating fresh esprit.
FINE ROOMS has revived the world-famous onion pattern by introducing the decor Noble Blue. The designers deconstructed the graphic elements into their component parts, arranging them into new compositions. A tender golden brim completes the magnificent ensemble.

The swords pattern is tribute to the crossed swords, the trademark of the manufactory. Luxurious gold or elegant grey – FINE ROOMS sets the historical signet as an emblem or lets it playfully surround the plates like a pearl necklace.
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