Oskar Kokoschka

at the kunsthaus zurich

Photos: Markus Hilzinger | Text: FINE ROOMS | 2019-01-29
The cosmopolitan kokoschka will be celebrated at the kunsthaus until March 10, 2019 with a large retrospective and over 200 exhibits. The colorful expressionist, who fought for liberty and humanity against the overwhelming power of the nazis, later also inspired such famous painters as Baselitz.
What surprised us was the fact that after the Second World War, when all artists turned their back on the objective and dominated abstraction in the arts, Kokoschka fought and fought it keeps to his painting style.
The lightness and the special expressive nature of his portraits transforms and disappears. A real recommendation for art lovers.
The Kunsthaus is always worth a visit with its fantastic hodler paintings.

TIP: If you want to experience very good Swiss hospitality outside of the Kronenhalle you should try the Kindli on the race track, a real highlight.


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