The delicate men in

the Skulptur der Moderne

Photos: Fine Rooms | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2018-11-28
The Kolbe Museum, not far from the Heerstrasse, with its beautiful garden and a café with a recommendable cake, is always a great starting point of the museum scene in Berlin. Kolbe's studio building houses is one of my favorite museums in Berlin.
As a continuation of an exhibition cycle in this year the autumn exhibition can be seen.
t started with sculptors of Berlin Modernism and now continued with a title amusing at first glance. The exceptional artists, from Kolbe to von Hildebrandt, Minne, Lehmbruck, Marcks to Götze, etc., in these times of upheaval deal with an idealized male figure, which of course is based on ancient models.

"... The conception of a sensitive male body ideal appears as a conscious countermovement to the heroic-strong male images of the time. Their demonstrative defenselessness is in contradiction to the brutality of external reality." Kolbe Museum Berlin

If one compares these with the archaic, heroic and muscular pictures of Arno Breker, the resistance becomes clear very quickly, and some of the artists later turned out to be degenerate banished to the museums. Renee Sintenis is the only woman to be represented. More well known for her beautiful animal sculptures, she also displays works of vulnerable beauty. Of course we were inspired by the image of the dancer Nijinskiy, both by Kolbe himself, but also by the artist Ernesto de Fiori. Also a big thank you to the collector Karl H. Knauf and his wonderful works which can be seen again in this exhibition.

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