Hotel Concept & Design

In the course of developing a hotel concept and designing the interior, FINE ROOMS also created the branding and a new brand name. URBAN LOFT entitles itself to enrich the budget hotel market with such a quality and design competence as it can usually only be found in 4-star properties.
Special room solutions, attractive offers and a respective art concept create individual areas with the potential as scene venue.
Every guest has own individual needs in regards to a hotel. Especially in times of social media, these needs have to be redefined. As if you were on a visit to a friend, these hotels invite in a small world far away from the anonymity of a foreign city. The properties offer rooms with an individual atmosphere (e.g. Airbnb) and guarantee at the same time quality standards of service and comfort, as well as easy booking and check in.
The loft-concept in the public areas is inspired by flat sharing whilst orientating by modern co-working-areas like Apple or Google. People meet in an open, interdisciplinary living room for eating, drinking and working. The areas of hotel, office and flat are not to be strictly separated anymore, they merge to one big area based on the needs of the customer.
The arts concept captures as well the keywords friendship, family and memories, and thus, it creates individual and charming rooms. Collectible images and lovely words in an autograph book are a symbol for friendship and memories for a long time. They give every room a special highlight, whether being framed or as photographic wallpaper.
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