Welttheater in the Barbarian Palais

Max Beckmann in Potsdam

Photos: Andreas Bernd Kartes | Text: Markus Hilzinger | 2018-04-25
Potsdam is always worth a visit.

Going to the Barbarian Palace has a metropolitan flair and standing in line is often part of the experience. However, if you arrive on Sunday morning at 11.00 clock, the way through the exhibitions is  much more relaxed.

Max Beckmann's self-portraits are unique and our absolute favorites hang in the Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid. Curated under the motto World Theater, the exhibition shows the fascination for the world of the circus, the variety theater, and the theater stages with their associated protagonists.

Furthermore, Beckmann works through his terrible experiences of the First World War and the unrest until his emigration in the piece, "Sinnbild für die Katastrophensituation des aktuellen Weltgeschehens“ ("symbol of the catastrophic situation of the current world events“.) His color and expression of human physiognomy and exposed psychology are unique.

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Coffee and cake at Gut Schloss Golm about 4 kilometers away in an idyllic setting on the lake with Cornelia and Swetlana von dem Bottlenberg from the pop music duo, Cora.


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