ngorongoro II

Gallery Weekend 2018

Photos: Markus Hilzinger | Text: Fine Rooms | 2018-05-01
On Gallery Weekend 2018 more than 50 galleries show what is currently in demand on the international art market.  Familiar faces and just as many new discoveries can be seen.
The Ngorongoro show, based in a cool building complex of ​​a well-known artist, celebrates it’s huge success for a second time.  Hippy parents with their offspring flocked in droves to the outdoor pool, much to the annoyance of the art-interested visitor.
Hundreds of people swarmed the Lehderstrasse trying to gain access to the studio buildings in Weissensee.
The art and exhibition halls are very reminiscent of the Venetian Arsenal complex and must in no way hide behind international exhibitions a brilliant presentation for Berlin.
Thanks to Jonas Burgert and the organizers.

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