Rich colours in combination with elegant wood veneer and high-quality leather provide a classy accentuation. Distinct metal contours frame the colourful sculptural ensemble, light-footed and seemingly levitating in the room. The pieces of furniture are of premium quality manufacture, and the feel of their exquisite surface, their playful look-and-feel, as well as their technical finesse make them truly outstanding. The fitted gadgets such as a smartphone charging station meet today’s functional requirements and are nevertheless of timeless elegance. The new materials and colours can be combined in manifold ways, thus inspiring the customer to design his own furniture and workspace with a most individual and personal touch.

the OKA 50ies classic

a new fashionable look

OKA 2016
By means of a gentle redesign, the Berlin design studio FINE ROOMS restored the OKA 50ies classic to a new fashionable look, while at the same time creating a reminiscence of the Mid Century style.
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